After kicking off this December 7, our action continues!

Press release

Dear media,

For a short week, the international press has been relaying the call for the bankrun that we launched on Facebook to invite all those who wish to follow us to withdraw their money from their account on December 7th.

Since the publication of our appeal, citizens have mobilized to translate the text into their language, recreate the event in their country, publicize our initiative by all possible means and invite their contacts to do the same. Our appeal meets with a success that we dared not hope for. We welcome this and thanks to the personal investment of all those who, like us, wish to enjoy a healthy, fair, affordable and responsible banking system, we hope that over the weeks we will succeed in convincing enough people to by the world to finally be heard by our respective governments.

We clarify that we do not speak on behalf of any political party, or any trade union or religious organization. Our action is a citizen action that dissociates itself from any hateful or conspiratorial remarks that could be made in the name of our movement by third parties during their interventions in the discussion spaces that would escape our control. Our names are only binding on our words. We are not trying to harm anyone in particular. It is a corrupt, criminal and deadly system that we have decided to oppose to the extent of our means, our determinations and with respect for the law.

Why have we launched this action?

First of all, we wanted to raise public awareness about the functioning of the monetary system.

The overwhelming majority of holders of a bank account, savings account or even a pension plan do not know how money is created or what banks do with the money they make. 'we entrust them. They are ignorant of the principle of debt money and they do not know the realities behind words like "financial bubbles", "treasury bills", "hedge funds" or "securitization". They ignore it especially as the media as a whole make little effort to inform them in an objective, transparent and accessible way. All the public really knows is that the majority of major financial crimes and insider trading go unpunished most of the time, and they are the first to pay the consequences.

Not only do we regret that many questions that ordinary citizens ask themselves about the economic situation remain without clear answers in your columns, but we also regret your lack of zeal in denouncing the measures which have allowed the world economic situation to come to fruition. where it is today: a situation which has brought our heads of state and government to their knees before the rating agencies, trembling with fear that our ratings will deteriorate.

Our politicians cannot respond to both the interests of the financial markets and those of citizens. Also, it is high time to remind them to serve whom they have been elected.

Since strikes and demonstrations are no longer useful, since whatever we do, we are not heard, and since whatever they do, we are not consulted, we have decided to strike the system in its most powerful organ. vital - THE BANKING SYSTEM.

Are we aware of the economic consequences of the success of our action?

We are especially aware of the consequences that the deregulated and uncontrollable globalized financial system have on our jobs, our health, our education, our pensions, our industries, our environment, our future, our dignity, the dignity of the citizens of the countries that this system has enslaved by debts that they will never be able to repay in order to better appropriate their resources. This is the fate that awaits Western citizens if we do not take charge.

We are aware of the role this system plays in the prosperity of industrial empires whose interests are dependent on armed conflict, disease, food shortages and misery in the countries that provide them with labor and natural resources. at ridiculous costs. We are aware that this system will never have anything to gain from a world where peace and prosperity reign and that by continuing to entrust our honestly and hard-earned money to this sick system, we are making ourselves accomplices of its thefts, its crimes, its wars, and the misery it generates.

What do we want?

We want banks that only lend the wealth they own. Banks that help small and medium-sized businesses relocate jobs, banks that lend at zero interest. (*) Banks that support projects that benefit citizens rather than "markets" Banks where we can deposit our money with a clear conscience. Banks of which we will no longer have to be wary. Banks whose success will spell the end of the merchants of death, disease and slaves. On the ruins of the old system, we want to build a banking system that will no longer sacrifice human dignity on the altar of profit.

We, the citizens, finally awakened by the poverty and despair that strike the most vulnerable among us - pensioners, social benefit recipients or poor workers - and which threaten what we still have of the middle classes, entrepreneurs and self-employed people. that we milk like cash cows, we want to be purely and simply canceled the public debts generated by this sick system which we no longer want. We refuse to allow our taxes, our efforts, our resources to continue to feed this bottomless pit. We want to regain the power to mint money and free ourselves from the directives imposed on us by this European Union which was built against the consent of the majority of citizens consulted by referendum, not to mention those whose country of origin does not. did not organize a popular consultation.

To conclude

We draw your attention to the fact that although our jobs are successfully relocated, advanced technologies and machines have replaced human labor in an increasing number of fields. They make it possible to produce more, faster, for less and, for these reasons, they scare those who wonder how they will make a living tomorrow. This is unfortunate, because technology, since the invention of the wheel, has been designed to improve human living conditions. If progress were made to serve citizens rather than serve the market, we could make a quantum leap in the development of technologies now crippled by interest groups that are the primary beneficiaries of this system.

We already have the knowledge to free humanity from its fossil and nuclear energy needs, and to produce and deliver drinking water everywhere on the planet at a lower cost, to produce fruits and vegetables, from ice floes to desert. Poverty exists on our planet only because of the lack of political will of industrialized countries, subject to the laws of the market. Pollution and the waste of resources are only the sad consequences of this obsolete system which we must urgently end.

We, the heirs of chaos, have a world to rebuild. A world where work will no longer be experienced as a bondage, and the absence of work as a drama, because we will have been able to rethink the way in which the man of tomorrow will ensure his survival, his education, his well-being and his old days.

We invite all those who want to follow us on this path - including you, dear journalists - to overcome their fears of the unknown and to lay the first stones for the construction of the system which will replace it and which, with or without us , will eventually crumble, when it takes everything from us. We prefer not to wait until we get to where it is worse, than to save the economy, yet another war is declared.

We thank footballer Eric Cantona for giving us this idea. We took him at his word. The die is cast. The future will tell if we were right. (07/11/2010)